A Few BISF House Questions

I am loving my BISF home and want to look after it ! Can anyone advise me on a few things,

1) What is best to paint the frame, roof tubes and angle irons in the loft with? it is currently red oxide (which you cannot get any more) or what seems to be black gloss? both of which have come off in places and are showing signs of light corrosion, I was thinking of either a modern red oxide replacement or hammerite metal paint what do you suggest?

2) My roof was replaced prior to my purchase and is now sellotex foil backed polystyrene topped with sheets of tile effect aluminium which is really effective insulation but has no venting at the ridge, the only vents are in the soffit is this ok or should there be venting at the ridge?

3) Who do you use for building and contents insurance?
Does this website have a deal with a preferred supplier like my car club ?




  1. 1) no idea what makes you think this, can get red oxide paint anywhere
    2)Cant answer i’m afraid but the only real way to get an answer would be checking for condensation up there regularly, if its fairly dry then its fine, if you find it stays damp up there fore some time then it may be advisable to increase ventilation up there
    3) Im with Allianz

    Hope this helps

  2. hey Nic, i can’t answer on Q’s 1) & 2), but if it’s any help for building and contents insurance i’ve been going through swinton insurance the last 9.5 years, they seem to be able to find alot better prices. I originally used Halifax who are great for the mortgage but pretty pricey for building and contents. http://www.swinton.co.uk hope they can help you too. cheers Deano