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A J Balfour & Associates are a professional and dedicated team of civil and structural engineers based in Glasgow. Providing innovative, sustainable engineering solutions for a wide range of clients in all sectors of building & construction.

Having considerable knowledge and experience of BISF & other non traditional construction methods and restoration systems, A.J.B are perfectly positioned as leading consultants within this field.

The Non Traditional steel framed British Iron and Steel Federation (BISF) house is unique in both design and construction. The entire house is supported by an internal steel frame, bolted onto a concrete base. The structural integrity of every part of this frame is paramount to the future life and longevity of the building as is the external surface which serves to protect the underlying steel.

All buildings deteriorate over time and the BISF house is no exception. The key is to identify specific faults that may have developed and show cost-effective remedial solutions that will preserve the integrity of each building.

Councils, housing associations and development teams across the UK regularly invest in their housing stock, be they traditional brick or non-traditional dwellings such as the BISF House. During  refurbishment, expert advice is sought from Civil & Structural Engineers who provide an in-depth inspection and analysis of the structures involved and comprehensive reports are generated offering suitable recommendations and solutions. Previous knowledge and working experience of BISF properties offers a distinct advantage and A J Balfour & Associates fit this criteria perfectly having undertaken many large scale redevelopment and refurbishment projects for a wide range of clients.

This high level of experience  equates to a more efficient and cost-effective consultation for the client, a valuable asset in todays economic climate. This combined with the ability to accurately identify defects and provide suitable solutions based on a sound structural knowledge enables AJB to offer a service that they are rightly proud of.

AJB A J Balfour Head OfficeShould you require further information on any aspect of service offered by A J Balfour & Associates, please visit www.balfourassociates.co.uk

You may also download a PDF copy of the A J Balfour Practice Information Brochure here balfourassociates.co.uk/Practice.pdf

Balfour Associates 19, Blairtummock Place, Panorama Business Village. Glasgow, G33 4EN.

Tel 0141 771 6099
Fax 0871 918 4716 (UK only) / 0141 771 6099