Addison Precast Reinforced Concrete House

The Non Standard Construction Addison PRC House

  • Designer: H Addison
  • Period built: 1920

Introduction: There is very limited information available regarding this particular type of property, constructed from Precast Reinforced Concrete and Timber.

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) does not hold any significant information in relation to this construction type, although it is known that a number of these properties were erected in the South Cambridgeshire area between in 1921 – 1922.
General Construction

Foundations:  The substructure consists of concrete strip foundations supporting a course of blocks laid flat, similar to modem day trench blocks.

External Walls

  • Grooved PRC columns. PRC panels, cavity, PRC panels.
  • The external walls are of cavity wall construction, comprising two leaves of 4″ concrete blockwork, laid in a stretcher bond, separated by a 2″ uninsulated cavity. The properties are lined internally with fibreboard.
  • Brickwork quoin coursing is incorporated to the corners of the building and an 18″ wide brickwork pier is built either side of the front door opening.
  • A ‘band’ course, formed by a projecting course of blockwork, is introduced at first floor level, with pre-cast concrete lintels incorporated over window and door openings.

Floors: The ground floor is of solid concrete construction, whilst the first floor is of timber construction.:

Roof: The roof is a traditional timber rafter & purlin structure, with a king post truss arrangement. The roof is clad with interlocking tiles on felt and battens.

Other: The party wall is believed to be of cavity wall construction similar to the external walls. The chimneys and internal partitions are also built in blockwork. The ceilings are lined with fibreboard.


House-stock survey document – South Cambridgeshire District Council 61 72 – Investigation of Non-Traditional Concrete and Timber Framed Properties Structural Survey Report.

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