Attaching a Stair Lift To The Stairs

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Hi All,

Has anyone ever had any experience in attaching a chair lift to the metal stairs? (or anything else for that matter) I am trying to find out if this will have any structural effect on them. The steel seams to be rather thin to me compared to the traditional wood. Any help would be appreciated along with a speedy response.

Much Appreciated



  1. The previous owners had one here at one time too as you can see the holes where it was screwed into the treads of the stairs if you look underneath. It was done by Stannah as I got a letter about renewing the contract, obviously no-one had told them it was no longer here! I’m not sure if it was attached to the wall too as there are marks but that may just have been where the handrail was removed.

    As a little aside, the handrail is still in the loft and I was puzzled as to how they hot it up there as it’s so long. My guess was that they fed it through the landing window while stood on the outhouse roof directly up through the loft hatch. I don’t really think one on each side is necessary, so I’ve left it up there.