AVIVA – BISF Home Insurance Confusion at Santander

AVIVA – BISF Home Insurance Confusion at Santander

Recent reports have been coming in from Santander customers stating that AVIVA are now providing insurance services for Santander.

Several of those customers have gone on to complete in branch applications for AVIVA home & buildings insurance, only to have the application refused, due to the fact that the property is a BISF House.

We Must Point Out That at the time of writing, AVIVA Do Not Insure BISF Houses.

Does this mean that Santander will no longer insure BISF properties?

The answer is No.

Santander is using the services of AVIVA for certain insurance products and promotions, however they also provide their standard home insurance and promotions through BISL Ltd who are one of the countries largest home insurance providers for household names such as, The Post Office Insurance, Halifax Insurance and Compare The Market.com to name but a few.

So, if you are thinking of obtaining home insurance from your local branch of Santander and to save you wasting your valuable time, please ensure that you ask for insurance via BISL and not through AVIVA or your application will be rejected.

Applications made online via the Santander website should automatically go through BISL. The easiest way to check is by looking at your websites address bar. In the top left had corner of the address bar  you should see the words BISL LTD GB. This will confirm that you are going to the correct provider.

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What has complicated the matter for customers is the fact that in store, staff are offering a 30% discount for new 123 customers who choose to take out home insurance through AVIVA and without explaining to customers that other providers are also available.

Currently this same 30% discount offer is available on the Santander website http://www.santander.co.uk/uk/insurance/home-insurance

The 30% promotion link on the website also appears to go through to BISL LTD and not AVIVA. If you do find that your insurance application appears to have been sent to AVIVA we strongly suggest that you contact Santander Customer Services on 0800 0481853

BISL Ltd provide there own home brand service including Bennetts, Budget, Comparethemarket.com, Dial Direct, ibuyeco and Quotemart.

They also provide insurance services for the companies listed below who should all be happy to provide insurance for BISF Homes.

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  1. Very interesting indeed.
    I did wonder why so many of the online forms used by these companies appeared to be identical. The Post Office online application was identical in design to at least two others that I completed.
    It’s good to know that insurance for bisf houses is readily available. After all, from what I have been reading these properties have fewer overall problems than brick built houses and suffer far less from incidents such as subsidence and cracking etc.

    Thank you for providing and informative read.

    DR J