BISF Historical Documents Series 28th June 1944

BISF Historical Documents Series 28th June 1944 1

Minutes of the Meeting held at Steel House on Wednesday, 28th June 1944 at 12,15 pm
Present Mr.G.J, Kavanagh Hon.H.C.H. (Chairman)
Mr.w.Brown Mr.w.S. Napier Mr.R.Marshall Mr.T.G. Rodger

In Attendance Mr.T.Stevenson (Secretary) Mr.D.J. Davies.

1. Apologies,
Apologies for absence were Intimated from Mr. Rennie, Mr. Saunders and Mr. Harrison.

2. Minutes,
The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, 17th May were confirmed and signed,

3. Visit to Northolt.
The Chairman referred to the visit which the members present, with the exception of Mr, Bathurst, had Just made to the site at Northolt. He suggested that It would be useful If members would give their Impressions of both the ‘A’ and ‘B type houses. In general the constructions were favourably commented upon, especially as regards the steel structures and the wide variety of uses In the interior such as sub frames, stairs and door frames and doors. With regard to the exterior, there were differences of opinion, some preferring the A’ type, others the B type.

Regarding the use of sheets externally, Mr, Bathurst pointed out that these wore hand made units produced in a brake press and that more accurate workmanship could be expected when these materials were required In quantity and were manufactured on a mass production be sis.

On the ‘B’ type house, it was agreed that an Improvement In the appearance would be obtained by the supply of the weather­board sheeting in longer lengths and thus cutting down the number of vertical Joints. With regard to the horizontal joints, It was agreed also that In subsequent construction arrangements should be made for the overlap to be concealed within the recess formed by the pattern, Views wore also expressed that the bolder type of weatherboarding might be preferable to that used. There were different opinions expressed also regarding the roof covering and the suggestion was made that a larger corrugation giving a bolder pattern might be an improvement.

The Chairman then said that the Committee might give some guidance on the subject of the use of steel externally but pointed out that It had been used to economise In traditional labour and to meet the express desire of the Ministry, It was not, however, a necessary adjunct to the steel used otherwise In the construction. On this point the Committee was unanimous In deferring judgment on aesthetics until the houses had been completed, when they would be able to form a more considered opinion.

The Secretary reported that Mr. Baker and the Contractors Foreman had stated that during a hail storm which had occurred the

previous day there was no unpleasant noise of rattling on the roof sheets.

On the question of details, the large windows In the type *A’ house were considered to be excellent. The ribbon mesh fabric in the balustrade to the stairs was not considered to be as good as the solid sheet, or alternatively, rails at Intervals running longitudinally. It was also pointed out that the kitchen cupboards fouled the side doors when these wore opened and that concave skirting might be preferable to the type used. It was agreed that these points should be referred to the Architect for further consideration.

The meeting having begun late, due to delay in getting back “from the site, it was agreed to postpone the discussion of the other items on the Agenda until a future meeting.

The meeting rose at 1.10 p.m.

TS/ED 13.7.44