Aims & Policies

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Welcome to Non-Standard the home of Non Traditional pre and post war houses.

Our Aims & Policies

We aim to provide a central information resource and discussion point for owners of Non-Standard Properties, from private individuals to social housing groups, councils and commercial operatives, and landlords.

By providing accurate, up to date information and dispelling many myths and rumours associated with non-traditional homes, we aim to raise the profile and awareness of these unique buildings.

We will provide details relating to every aspect of non-traditional home ownership including:

Mortgage & Insurance information and advice
Renovation companies, private and commercial.
Diy advice and tips
Social Housing Schemes
Insulation advice
Historical Facts
Renovation grants, schemes
and much, much more.

If your company or organisation is able to provide any form of service that may benefit users of Non-Standard or you wish to be featured on this website, please do not hesitate to get in touch. welcomes the submission of any material they may benefit our readers.

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