BISF House Design Takes A Modern Turn In Litherland!

BISF House Design

No, You’re not looking at the latest IKEA concept house or a new modern building design.

This is the result of the now completed 2.7m BISF refurbishment project created by OneVision Housing in Merseyside and what a vision the results are.

Not Since 1944 has the phrase “Groundbreakingly Modern” been applied to BISF House Design, well that is not until now!

bisf litherland
inca award

OneVision Housing has chosen to challenge the traditional and often safe BISF renovation design process by opting for a modern future proof design, the results of which are not only stunning but it has led to the association being nominated for a prestigious INCA (Insulated Render & Cladding Association)Award for 2012.

When the first experimental BISF House was completed in 1944, the radical design was well received and described in a flurry of media attention as groundbreaking, modern & continental in design. Images of these new houses adorned architectural and editorial publications worldwide. Times however change as does fashion and today, the standard BISF house appears to have lost much of that modernistic charm that it once displayed so proudly.

For the BISF residents of Litherland, Merseyside the Modern sparkle has been restored, with 82 properties recieving a whole new look that can only be described as the best we have seen so far.

This radical undertaking was a joint co-operation with WBS-LTD (Wetherby Building Supplies), Astley Facades &  Triangle Architects.

bootle housing bisf
BISF House Refurbished

One Vision Housings brief asked those involved to provide a solution that would improve the thermal efficiency of the properties and provide them with a modern up to date look.

Triangle Architects chose to use a WBS Insulated Render System as the 100mm specialised insulation used in this system greatly reduced the U-value from 2.79W/m²K to 0.30W/m²K, bringing it into line with current building regulations and giving the residents properties that were much warmer and cheaper to heat.

The windows were set into metal pods that protruded from the front elevation. Wetherby designed the EPS insulation to be pre-formed at the factory  and to fit snuggly around pods and give a seamless façade.

WBS Silicone ‘K’ Render was used on the central facades with special WBS Glazed Brick Slips encapsulating the area around and above the door and wrapping around the side of the properties in a stack bonded pattern.

Black Brick Slips were chosen for the majority of the area with brightly coloured Brick Slips providing a relief detail around the entrance areas.

bootle housing bisf

The overall effect gives a striking finish which all involved should be rightly proud!

Do you live in one of these renovated Litherland properties?

If you do, let us know what you think of the upgrade, how the renovations went and what you think of the results below.

We understand that such major design changes are like Marmite to some but what do you think?

Do you love it or do you hate it?


  1. I do like the design here if not a little minimal but I myself would also have changed the design of the lower window but perhaps I’m picking flies here so to speak.

    I do like the red/black contrast but not so keen on the beige/black.

    The one obvious flaw that in my mind that stands out here on a design perspective is the style of the front door. It’s just far too twee and lets the whole look down.

    Otherwise it’s nice to see such an innovative design.