BISF House Structure Exposed

BISF House Structure Exposed 1

We have updated our Gallery pages with a wide range of images showing a fully exposed British Iron & Steel Federation BISF house, in the process of being repaired and renovated. You can access all of our gallery pages from the main menu at the top of this page.

There are a wide range of images available and listed below are just a small sample.

BISF houses can sometimes be prone to corrosion around the lower portion of the steel stanchions. In most cases, and providing the outer render coating and exterior walls of a BISF house have been well maintained, severe corrosion is generally rare.

However, in certain cases, such as those shown below, corrosion can be significant. Fortunately, due to the way in which BISF houses were constructed, the repair process of corroded stanchions is pretty straight forward and doesn’t always have to cost the earth, providing you choose a competent building/ repair company. If you suspect that your property may have corrosion issues, you should always seek professional guidance, preferably via a R.I.C.S approved surveyor, or structural engineer.

We hope you find these images useful, should you discover a case of severe corrosion on a BISF property.
We offer our most sincere thanks to our friends at A.J.Balfour Associates, Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers based in Glasgow, for providing us with these images. Visit A.J. Balfour Associates for more information.

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