BISF Houses offer great value & Excellent redesign options!

Yes It’s true, BISF Houses do offer better value & easier redesign options!

The acclaimed BISF house appears to be regaining a new desirability factor within the housing market. Standard non-improved BISF houses typically cost between 10%-20% less than similar traditional constructed properties. In todays inflated property market they are being actively sought out by first time buyers who otherwise could not afford to buy a property to call home.

The considerable savings on offer means cheaper mortgage repayments and allows for surplus income that can be used over time toward refurbishment if needed, which will further increase the property’s value.

One of the most favoured renovations for this type of property is the application of a complete exterior renovation that may also include thermal insulation which brings the property up to modern standards of thermal efficiency. The choice and scale of materials available for this type of process and the design techniques used are staggering to say the least.

Below we will take a look at some outstanding exteriors created by councils and private owners.

Located in Tirgof Llangennech, this property hardly resembles its former roots. The large ground floor window has long been a typical feature of this type of house but replacing it with a smaller unit has given the house dramatic impact. This property was renovated as part of the local Councils renovation programme, which sadly did not include private home owners who had purchased properties under the councils right to buy scheme.

Newark Close Sheldon Birmingham reveals two exceptional private renovations. The introduction of Bow windows, Canopy and Porch evokes a timeless Cottage appearance.

One of our former BISF properties, this house was fully extended to the lower front elevation. Hardwood double glazed units installed and the entire exterior rebuilt using traditional full size brick. The bricks were tied in to the original surfaces of the building. This project was completed around 15 years ago and we think it still looks as good as new.

Interior changes can be just as attractive.

More Images Coming Soon!


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  1. I drove down Newark Close to look at those houses a while ago, they really do look splendid. The close its self though is somewhat claustrophobic.