BISF House National House Price Variations

UK Property Values

There has always been a North South divide in property prices across the UK with London homes costing more than double the national average. 

Recently released Land Registry figures paint a picture of a property market that is generally stagnating outside of London.  House prices have moved in tight range since November 2009 and are at the same level as they were in April 2006.

The above map shows a depiction of the general winners and losers in current house values by area.

This variation in House prices is also particularly evident in BISF house values with homes in London and surrounding areas frequently reaching values of £350.000 whilst similar properties further North command far lower prices.

During the next twelve months we will be recording BISF house prices across the UK which will be added to the list below. If you are aware of a BISF House sold locally near to you, then please let us know so that we can add the details to our list but please remember to let us know the properties address and the selling agent.
We hope that in due course the list will prove to be a valuable resource, giving early indications of price rises and general BISF Market trends.

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