BISF Non-Traditional House – Terraced Variant Portsmouth

terraced bisf houses

The British Iron & Steel Federation (BISF) house was built primarily as semi detached property, however a limited number of Terraced house variants were also built at a number of selected locations.

Although we do not hold precise number details all locations for all of this version of the house, our research has uncovered one small document that does provide reference to several locations, where the terraced versions of the BISF house were erected.
Portsmouth appears to hold by far the largest number of the Terraced BISF constructions with a combined 676 houses located mainly in the area of Paulsgrove.
We are also aware of a number of  BISF Terraced houses in Scotland and we hope to update you with these locations in the near future.

bisf house original build location document
A short list of several BISF Terraced house locations

We have reproduced the above contents into the table below.

  • Gosforth‌ – Grange Lane Estate – 36 houses
  • Harrogate – Knareborough Road – 88 houses
  • Llanelly (Boro) – Cefn Caeau – 60 houses
  • Llanelly (Rural) – Plas deru – 20 houses
  • PontypriddDynea Rhydyfelin – 20 houses
  • Portsmouth – Paulsgrove (T.W) – 240 houses
  • Portsmouth – Paulsgrove (HHC) 436 houses
  • Swansea – Warnalydd – 12 houses
  • Wisbech – Mount pleasant – 28 houses
  • Total – 948 houses

Below is a selection of Google Streetview images depicting a number of these quite unique properties.