BISF Stanchion Defects and Repairs

BISF HOUSE Investigation & Repair of Corroded Steel Stanchions.

The chances of a BISF house suffering from severe corrosion to the frame is fortunately rare, however corrosion at the base of the stanchion legs does occasionally occur, particularly in properties that have not been well maintained or if the property was built in an exposed location and is frequently subjected to driving wind and rain.

Certain construction types do tend to suffer from corrosion more than others for a wide variety of reasons but what should you do and which company can you turn to when you need to undertake repairs?

Fortunately help is at hand, Structural Repairs Ltd are a company who specialise in all aspects of steel framed house investigation and repair to a wide range of non-traditional properties including, Trusteel  &  BISF houses to name a few.

Structural steel Repairs Ltd, have extensive expertise in all aspects of structural property repairs. Unlike some companies, Structural Repairs Ltd offer their services to direct to homeowners who require their services. You can find out more about the full range of services offered, by visiting .

The company itself is based in Southampton and serves the majority of southern England. Other areas of the UK can be covered depending on the scale and criteria of each individual undertaking. This does not necessarily exclude individual homeowners or housing services outside this region who may require the assistance and expertise of Structural Repairs Ltd, as the viability of each project is assessed on an individual case by case basis.

If you require the services of Structural Repairs Ltd, then please contact Mr Alex Meagre 023 8166 1411 to discuss your requirements.





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