I’m About Go on a Thermal Imaging Course

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Hi all,

The day after tomorrow I’m going on a training course with Bath Green Homes on using a thermal imaging camera in order to do energy surveys.
The idea is we as volunteers will learn how to use it on our own homes and then we’ll do surveys for other people for a small donation to cover the cost of the camera.

This should reveal some interesting things, so I’ll keep you informed!



  1. This image shows what a horrible job I did of putting back the loft insulation in the back bedroom after replacing the ceiling, so it’s prompted me to get up there and rearrange it! I’ve put 100 mm roll between the nogging cut into rectangles to fit in the grid, then Knauf Spaceboard on top :-

    thermal image ceiling bedroom

  2. Living room wall (right) in which I have installed internal insulation is warmer than the end part of the party wall (left)! I think this may be because could air is getting behind the dry lining on the party wall. Perhaps a case for some expanding foam behind the plasterboard to keep the cold air from circulating behind there? The rectangular thing is a picture frame ;-
    living room thermal camera

  3. Hi all, here’s a quick update on the Bath Green Homes ( http://www.bathgreenhomes.co.uk ) thermal imaging project that I’ve taken from our temporary website https://transitionbaththermalimaging.wordpress.com (soon moving, but will keep you informed) :-

    Transition Bath’s Thermal Imaging Project aims to help the residents of Bath reduce their energy bills and carbon emissions by providing low cost thermal imaging surveys. We aim to increase the take-up of recommended measures following surveys by providing low cost materials, further advice and neighbourhood draft-busting groups.

    We have trained over 20 volunteers to use the camera and provide advice on how to make your homes warmer and reduce your energy bills. Many of the measures we recommend only cost a few pounds each and often payback within a year.

    The website aims to provide examples of issues we have already spotted at homes in Bath, advice on how to fix the issues, estimates of the costs of materials and potential savings. We also plan on developing case studies to provide examples of what can be achieved.

    1. Hi Marc,

      the weather hasn’t been ideal for it as ideally you need 15C difference between outside and inside, so mild weather is not good. However, it’s still been possible to find some interesting things.

      Bath Green Homes is a non-profit group but it has some sponsors like the local housing association and the council who I believe have covered some of the cost of the camera.

      Here’s a photo of the back bedroom. It seems the internal wall insulation I did has been effective, but I didn’t do a good job of putting the loft insulation back when I replaced the ceiling!

      Thermal image bedroom