Boarding out the loft space

Boarding out the loft space 1

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Hello all,
my partner and I have recently moved into a new council property in Derby, I think the house is BISF construction, all the council officer told us was that it was ‘non standard construction’? after climbing up into the loft I noticed red painted steel beams where normally I would’ve expected to see wooden joists.
My main question is, can this type of house have the loft boarded out? we have loads and loads of things we need to store up there as our dining room ( approx. 11′ x 11′ ) is currently chest high with boxes from our previous home! there doesn’t seem to be anything much more that ceiling supports running the majority of the loft space? I know i’ve waffled a load of vague nonsense really, but any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

many thanks