Brick & Brick Effect Finishes to BISF Houses

bisf house brick finish

There are generally 4 types of brick finish available for use in the refurbishment of BISF properties.

1. Brick Masonry Outer Walls

Real brick walls are built around the entire property and a insulated cavity is created between the brick and the existing exterior fabric of the house. This type of refurbishment requires traditional footings onto which the surrounding brickwork is laid. This is the most expensive method shown.

2. EWI & Brick slip cladding.

With this method, the existing walls of the house are covered with External Wall Insulation panels. Slices of brick (Brick Slips) are fixed onto the insulation panels and pointed with a mortar mix. A Brick slip wall can look exactly like a real brick wall.

3. EWI & Brick effect render.

This system also requires external wall insulation to be fitted. The insulation is then rendered with a specialist brick coloured render. Mortar lines are then scribed into the render to give a brick effect finish.

Brick Effect Exterior Panels

This system uses pre-manufactured brick effect panels, manufactured from a variety of materials including composites or fibreglass. These panels have an external surface that is formed or moulded to resemble real brick. The lightweight panels are fitted to battens without additional insulation. They are quick and easy to fit but are generally the least realistic when viewed closely.

Below is a selection of refurbished British Iron & Steel (BISF) Houses that have been finished with either a real brick exterior or one of the other two options mentioned, but can you tell which is which?

Gallery Images