Bricking up a BISF House?

Bricking up a BISF House? 1

Hi Everyone want to brick up my BISF house, has anyone done this and can you offer any advice!

Many thanks in advance for you help


  1. Hi Barrie45

    Noticed from site you have had your BISF house bricked up, looking to do the same with mine. Just like some general advice really ie pitfalls to watch out for, cost understanding a while since you did yours and any other advice you could offer

    Many thanks A

  2. Hi Marc
    A few more pictures of the wet room the shed was removed and the room
    and wet room built in it’s place.Got the buiders in for this as it was a
    big job,took them a week to remove the shed as it was sat on concrete
    two feet thick.I also knocked through into the hall making the living
    room bigger .I blocked up the door into the kitchen which also made the
    kitchen a better space.


  3. Hi Barrie,

    Firstly may I apologise for the delay in responding to your post, I have had a few server problems and almost lost our database. It has taken several days to get in functioning correctly again and fingers crossed all will stay well.

    Your brickwork looks very Impressive and has transformed the look of the house. Did you take part in the build yourself or did you have builders in?

    I was recently involved in a similar project for a friend of mine where we had the lower half of the house bricked. All went well other than the numerous visits by building regs inspectors constantly monitoring every stage of the job. Not only was it costly but we were building it to all current specifications including foundation depth etc. Each time he or she came they would look at the work and say yes that’s fine.

    That was the easy part.

    The hard part was halting the work at different stages so that they could inspect before we could start on the next stage. Having builders standing around twiddling trowels was not good lol.

    The wet room sounds fantastic, was it easy to achieve and was it incorporated in the house itself or in the extension? Do you have any images you could share with us as we always welcome seeing new designs?


  4. Hi Ed

    Thanks for welcome and response.
    Reason for brickiing is that the rest of estate where I have house has been bricked by council under grant scheme.For some reason council kept on losing my application and found it just as grant scheme was coming to an end! House adjoining mine is bricked and most of estate has been bricked, just want to tie in with next doors and others. Externals in need of attention/upgrade just looking at all options.

  5. You can get a fake brick sheet material to clad the outside of the house with if you like. I think it looks a bit naff, especially if it doesn’t match the other half of the semi-detached pair, but that’s pure personal taste. Alternatively, you *may* be able to actually build a brick shell around the house, but that would probably be a massive job.

    What would be the purpose of the bricking-up? Purely aesthetic? I don’t think there is any structural reason for it.