1. job done! thanks for the tips guys! luckily nothing had collapsed above and the void was clear. I used a pole with a long deck screw insulation taped to it, jabbed it up and then screwed home until it broke through the hardboard, this held itself in place then so when i went up into the roofspace i could find the protruding screw, hold on to it while i drilled a coax sized hole next to it, taped coax to pole once pulled through then sent it back down….if that all makes sense! All clipped tidy in cupboard now and can only be seen if you know its there Smile

  2. Hi Matt,

    I think most BISF houses have/had this arrangement of built-in cupboards, probably all except the ‘Scottish’ type where the chimney is in a different position. There are two opening into the front bedroom on each side and the middle space opens into the back bedroom and the chimney flue is to the left (or right, if it’s a right hand house).

    Between the top of the cupboards and the ceiling itself is a single unused void. I have taken the plywood panel off in the front bedroom and replaced it with some sliding doors to make use of the space above the original cupboards. After restoring the old doors etc it looks quite good I think.

    Otherwise I would drill a hole in the plywood ‘ceiling’ of the cupboard and then another in the actual ceiling above from the loft and try and feed the cable down between them.


  3. in my front bedroom i have 2x cupboards and back bedroom 1x cupboard, maybe my setup is slightly different!

    the cupboards do seem solid and short of bashing them apart am gonna struggle to get the lid off i think! what is above them?

  4. The wardrobes are not either side of the chimney, the chimney is to the left of the wardrobe in bedroom 1. ie- it goes chimey- wardrobe for bed 1, wardrobe for bed 2.

    The ceiling of the cupboards are wood and the entire wardrobe assembly is very well constructed together and i don’t think you can remove this without causing serious disruption but could be wrong here- Ed is the best man to answer this