Buying a BISF house?

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Hello, we are planning to buy a BISF house, We liked the property but not sure what all we need to consider before buying. We see that the roof of this house is some sheet rather than asbestos or the original.

I understand there are different kinds in BISF and some are claimed as BISF but not actually BISF. Could someone please let me know how to know if its indeed a BISF property, or a Dorloncon or PRC Airey House etc, We would like to make sure that this house is not categorised as Defective, and we can sell this property later if needed.

The Estate Agent told us that this a BISF, built in between 1950-1959. And the energy efficiency is categorised as D. We are going to have a structural survey done but please let me know what other things we need to know before buying BISF.

What do we need to ask the owner about this property and anything in particular.

Many thanks for your help.


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