Changing Face of BISF Homes In The Welsh Hills

Changing Face of BISF Homes In The Welsh Hills 1

We always like to show you images of renovated or improved properties and from time to time we do see the occasional property that stands out from the crowd, but on this occasion we found a lot more than the odd one.

Nestled amongst the hills, on the outskirts of Pontypridd Wales we were surprised to find so many BISF houses that had been completely transformed. Many of theses brick clad houses displayed their own unique designs with clever use of differing textures and colours.

The results are pretty amazing and we think it would be difficult to tell that these properties were in fact BISF houses at all, apart from the familiar window and door configurations and the obligatory steel roofing system.

Take a look at some of the examples that we have found below and judge for yourelf.

It is difficult to confirm at this stage if these properties have been clad in brick slips or full sized brick, in order to create such a transformation. We will be making enquiries with the relevant council to determine this but we think you will agree that these houses now appear vastly different from their original form.