Cheshire Mortgage Corporation Consider BISF Mortgages

Cheshire Mortgage Corporation Consider BISF Mortgages 1

Cheshire Mortgage Corporation considers many properties as security regardless of type or construction including BISF:


Houses and bungalows
Apartments, flats and maisonettes
Defective list properties
Ex-local authority flats and houses
Flats over shops
Flying freeholds
High-rise Flats
Self-build properties
Low value properties above £75,000
Properties with poor remarks on valuation


Standard Construction
Property built of bricks or stone, which has a slate or tiled roof.

Concrete, Timber-framed and Steel-framed Construction, including:
AGB Modular, Adams, Airey, Anchor, Arcal, Arial, Arrowhead, Atherton, Atholl, BISF Mortgages, BRS Type 4 – No Fines, Bell Livett, Birmingham Corporation, Birmingham Low Rise, Bison, Blackburn MK4, Boot, Braithwaite, Bryan, Bryan Wallframe, Camus, Carey, Carolite No fines, Clunch, Cobb, Cornish 1 & Cornish 2, Cowieson, Craft Cast Concrete, Cranwell, Crosswall, Crossframe, Cruden, Cussins, Dorionco, Dorran, Dyke, Fairclough, Fidler Repaired PRC, Forrester – Marsh No Fines Glasgow Foamed Slag, Gregory, Hawthorn Leslie, Howard, Incast Houses, Keyhouse Unibuilt, Laidlaw Thornton, Laing Easiform, Lawrence MK1, Leeds Corporation, Lindsay Type, Livett Cartwright, Lowe Riley, Lowton Cubitt, Malt House, Maxim, Mowlem Fly Ash, Mucklow Plan, Myton & Myton Clyde, New Land, Nissen Petren, No Fines, Nuttall, Orlit, O’Sullivan No Fines, Paragon, Parkinson Frame, Prometo, Reema Conclad, Reema HP, Riley, Salick Nichols, Schindley & Hawksley, Scotcon Orlit, Sectra, Shepherd No Fines, Skarnetype, Smith, Spacemaker, Spooner, Stanley Block, Steane, Stent, Stonecrete, Storiform, Swedish Timber Framed, System 4L, Tarran, Tee Beam, Telford, Trada, Trusteel, Underdown, Unity & Butterley, Waller, Wates, Weir, Wentworth Modified, Wessex, Whitson Fairhurst, Denis Wild, Wilson, Wimpey No Fines, Winget, Woolaway.
This is not an exclusive list, so if you don’t spot the construction you are looking for, contact us as we can usually consider most different types of non-standard property construction.