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Question Aluminium Framed Bungalow - considering purchase

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I have just found a bungalow on rightmove which i LOVE the look of. I am going to view it today. In SO many ways it looks perfect for me.
The house is the 2 bed on Cartha Crescent, Paisley (14 Cartha Cres)
However, some things in the Home Report survey have got me worried and I would appreciate some thoughts from the experts here.

“Main walls are of non-traditional construction being of an aluminium frame which appears to have an outer leaf of brick constructed in more recent times. A render finish has been applied, with facing brick visible at the lower walls. The property is of non-traditional construction and is non as "Permanent Aluminium Bungalows (Mark II)".”

“The property is of a non-traditional form of construction with aluminium framed walls. When initially developed, these properties were intended to have a life span of approximately 60 years.
Areas of cracked and worn render were noted. There is a possibility that concealed aspects of the wall framing may be corroded. Given the age of the property and type of construction, further inspections of the concealed aluminium frame should be carried out prior to purchase to ensure the walls remain in a structurally sound condition and they are free from significant defect/corrosion. The advice of a reputable structural engineer should be obtained in this respect.“

My questions that I hope someone can help me with:

1. Is it likely that the structure is at/near the end of its life and if so, is it repairable and at what sort of cost?

2. What kind of inspection would be required for a structural engineer to be able to assess the integrity of the structure?

3. Does anyone know what the make/model of this property is?

4. The survey mentions that they couldn’t access the loft space fully but could see damp stains. How worried should I be about this? I can see that there don’t appear to be vents in the roof.

5. The survey states that it wasn’t possible to get accurate wall moisture readings due to the plaster board internally but that where readings were taken they were satisfactory. Is this cause for concern?

6. Do these buildings have cavity walls? It says that it is assumed there is no wall insulation. Could exterior wall insulation be added for energy efficiency?

many thanks for any help!