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BISF Are stanchion repairs needed in a Livett Cartwright house?

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Hi, my husband has inherited a Livett-Cartwright house in Leeds and we are thinking of keeping it and renting it out.  We will need to install an new bathroom and kitchen and do some other works.  We have had a quote for stanchion repairs which I understand would be required if we were going to mortgage it, but as we are not, I am wondering if these repairs are necessary, or rather how you find out if they are necessary.  Would you just ask the builder who's quoting to investigate (and accept that he may be motivated by wanting the job), or would you get a surveyor in?  Many thanks!


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I bought one of these houses last year.  The sellers had already had a structural survey done, which meant it was straight forward to get a mortgage - I had to send it to the mortgage company.  The survey stated that there was mild corrosion on the stanchions, but at best estimate may need repairing in 10 years time. And basically the structure was still sound.  So maybe get a structural surveyor first, unless you already know they need repairing.