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Question BHAM_LRISE House

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My daughter has a house which she bought 5 years ago which the survey says was traditional construction.  She has sold the house but the buyers mortgage company says it is Non Standard Construction.  It is a terrace house and the adjacent property is listed by Birmingham City Council as BHAM_LRISE.  

Can anyone tell me what this means please.  We believe it is standard construction but with warm air heating, which may be why the council list it as none standard

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My guess is that this property is most likely to be of PRC construction such as BISON or any other number of systems, as low-rise flats or terraces were common construction types for many 60's and 70's developers. Crosswall properties can also be described as low-rise. It's a shame that Birmingham Council didn't publish the actual construction name, instead of the blanket low-rise label.

concrete low rise credit univ west england

 Image credit University West England.