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BIFS House buy or not ?

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Hi, me and my partner we are getting mortgage for our first time buyer house. During process we find out that house is BIFS and we are struggling to get a mortgage, I mean Virgin and Halifax says No so far. I have some picture and wondering if that House is going to be our right decision ?

56 Ostman road 
Ostman rd
Ostman rd (13)
Ostman rd (12)
Ostman rd (11)
Ostman rd (10)
Ostman rd (9)
Ostman rd (8)
Ostman rd (7)
Ostman rd (6)
Ostman rd (5)
Ostman rd (4)
Ostman rd (3)
Ostman rd (2)
Ostman rd (1)


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Hello Kamil

Sorry to hear you're having problems with your purchase.

You have certainly chosen a very well presented house that appears to have undergone major internal and external refurbishment. It also appears to have been insulated externally and it's also good to see that the original roof has been replaced.

I see no major reason why Halifax would refuse to lend on this property as they do accept BISF houses in general and subject to survey.

If you have undertaken a survey on the property, it may be that the surveyor is not familiar with this type of construction and wrongly classified the house or endorsed the survey as not suitable for lending purposes, when of course both instances would be incorrect.

This type of issue arises very frequently due to  some surveyors having little or no knowledge in non-standard construction.

You could always approach Santander for a mortgage as they do accept BISF properties, but before you do that, if you'd like to send me a copy of the survey to, I can take a look through it and point out any potential errors or significant points raised that may have lead Halifax to refuse to lend.

Your document will of course be treated with the strictest confidence and not published on our website.

I look forward to your reply.

Marc (Admin)


A great idea to buy some real estate. This house looks really good, it can be seen that it has undergone serious work done both on the exterior and on the interior design. It is safe to say that the one who manages to purchase it (I hope it will be you) can consider himself lucky, because he will acquire excellent housing for a long time. If sooner or later you have to move or there will be an opportunity to find an even better house, then remember that we buy houses. We will be glad to cooperate!


Buying or selling a house is an important process that requires certain knowledge. If you are not confident in your abilities, it is better to contact a real estate agency here.