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Question BIFS House in Ayrshire - help understanding home report


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Hi folks,

We are looking at a BIFS House in Ayrshire.


It's very old inside and needs updating.


Some houses on the street have had work done on them in terms of cladding etc. It looks like this house is at least partially it it's original state, and the home report says it was built in 1945.


I have bee to doing reading about BIFS houses. My main concern is if the steel frame is corroded, as it sounds like that could be a cc significant job.


Because there are a number of 'category 2 repairs' needed on the home report, I'm a bit worried it hasn't been well maintained over the years and that there could be hidden issues.

Issues noted include rusting of roof trusses, weathering render, and rainwater goods in need of looking at.

It also has single glazing and an old boiler.

Do you have any advice on the next steps for a potential buyer of this type of house?


We are happy and able to do some of the work but concerned about hidden issues to the frame being a potential money pit that becomes unaffordable and nightmarish, on top of the other work needing done.

Its the perfect size and location for us though, so we don't want to pass up a potentially good opportunity but we have such limited knowledge and experience in this and are first time buyers.