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BISF Bungalow

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Hey everyone stumbled across this forum which with my mortgage adviser. I have seen a bungalow which is a Hawskley style which i have put in an offer which has been accepted. Mortgage application has been accepted by Halifax, but i am worried that they will not give us the mortgage on this type of build. The issue is the fact that it has not been bricked up. I will be looking into bricking it up once i have done my extension.

Has anyone here had any issues with this type of build?

Link below of property.

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Hey all, ive had no replies on this. However Halifax have approved the mortgage!!! Cant wait to move now!


Good Evening, I am in a similar position, Halifax have agreed the mortgage in principle, however, their valuer advised against lending due to the construction even though mine has been cladded, windows replaced and new roof fitted by the council. I am devastated so would really like to challenge their decision, it seems that Halifax approved yours so I would like to understand what the difference could be as yours is the same construction as mine?