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Electrical Cables in Box Room?

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In the small box room in these houses, assuming the same standards are followed, does anyone know if there are any electrical cables running through the wall above the cupboard/drawers over the stairs?

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Hello Matt
Good question, I think much will depend on if you currently have a socket attached to the front of the box as some properties do and some do not, depending on how the house has been rewired.
However saying that I have never know a socket feed to come down that wall via the loft as most sockets are fed from wiring under the floor boards and the ceiling lights circuit usually sits on the floor of the loft.

What were you planning on doing?
Did you want to fix something onto that wall?


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Hi Marc, thanks for the quick response! i dont have a socket attached to the box, only one on the internal corner by the window. I want to put a wall mounted book case on this wall so just wanted to eliminate if theres any wires in there!


Hi matty,

If I am understanding your question correctly you mean the actual wall part, rather than the slope- in which case no there should be no wires in the wall and no reason for there to be. The ring main on most BISF properties should be run under the floorboards, to then pop up to the upstairs rooms (and down to the lower rooms) so there is no reason for any cable to be running down the "wall" part which "hangs" over the stairs. The lighting then runs from the ceilings and then down respectively, so again unless you have a switch for some reason in this part of the wall, no cables should be there (you can identify this by tracing the cables in your loft).

Hope this helps

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you've got it correct Smile i just need to find a stud in there now to hang at least one side of the bookacse (and the actual bookcase)!


Plenty of them there to find! If not, toggle screws are your friend Smile

Good luck

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thanks Smile will have to get my rare-earth magnet and stud finder out!