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Question Can anyone offer any help in identifying the standard of repair please? (Airey house)


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Hi all, I'm new here but have spent a while educating myself on the forums already; thank you! 

Could anyone advise me please? - we've had an offer accepted on an Airey house. Mortgage company are happy to lend, depending on their valuation, of course. We've been given this certificate for mortgage purposes by the current vendor.

My husband's uncle is a retired architect and is keen for us to establish exactly what the repairs involved. We'd like to minimise the time we spend (and possibly waste) waiting for a survey to be done, if we're then going to have to start looking for another property upon finding out the repair wasn't really that good. Our surveyor has said that we should wait until building regulations searches come back before we instruct them to undertake an intrusive investigation to see how it has been repaired/look for any deterioration etc. 

Looking at the photo of the house and the accompanying certificate, does anyone have any idea on what the standard of repair would have been like in 1992? Can we assume anything from the fact that it's been bricked up? It was owned by the local authority at the time (Denbighshire, Wales). 

I guess we're asking if anyone could give us a bit of a "heads up" before we spend time waiting for searches and a survey. Sorry for the ramble and thanks in advance!