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Question Can anyone shed any light on the construction please

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We are looking to buy this property, believed to be steel frame construction. Any ideas on type/style/manufacturer etc

There appear to be 2 pairs of semi detached so wondering if its a small local builder.

There's nothing listed on the map for Yatton.

The end of the building appears to be hung tiles which are shaped exactly as bricks but can be moved easily, roof is a very shallow pitch. 

Many thanks in advance

I hope the link works!

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Hello Arnebrow,

Just to update you, I've been searching through all of my resources since reading your post the day after you posted, but unfortunately I had initially been unable to match this property exactly to any of the known structures contained within my archives although I do have my suspicion about one particular construction type, which I shall reveal at the end this post.

I had suspected that this property was more likely to be an unrecorded variant of one of the main system build manufacturers, as certain companies frequently experimented with different layouts, window placements, roofing materials and exterior surface compositions, which drastically changed the external appearance of the property, when compared to their standard more well know examples.

If I were make an educated guess here, based upon the research that I have already conducted, I would suggest that this could well be a Arrowhead House, manufactured by Rigid Frame Construction Ltd between 1963-70.

Arrowheads were produced in a wide range of designs, often using equally varied materials for external wall cladding which also included vertical tile hanging to the gable (end) wall which we see in your example. 

Arrowhead properties are of steel frame construction with the typical shallow pitched roofs that you mentioned above..

I have attached several images of a variety of Arrowhead designs below, just to give you an idea of the range and scope of their designs. 

May I ask if you are aware of any more similar buildings on the estate or near to the location?

I've already had a quick scout round the area on Google StreetView, but so far I haven't seen anything similar.


arrowhead variation (2)
arrowhead curt (2)
arrowhead curt (1)
arrowhead 2
arrowhead (2)
arrowhead (3)
arrowhead frame

Let me know your thoughts.





Here's a closer look at Arrrowhead properties in Newland Way, Monmouth that appear to be the most visually similar to your subject property, especially the deep Fascia panel below the roofline and the unusually shaped 1st floor narrow windows.

arnebrow arnebrow Topic starter 9 July 2021 12:05 AM

Many thanks for your reply Marc, 

we are now in process of purchasing the house!

Is there likey to be any further info within the property once I can gain access to the roof etc.

Are there any known issues i should be aware of with these houses.

Once again many thanks

Kevin Face