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we're looking to buy a house that is located in Birmingham CON_BLOCK area. It's B13 postcode and this area:


House had been listed as a standard one however during the mortgage survey bank said it's concrete so non standard and they won't issue a mortgage.

I since spoke with estate agency who spoke with the owner and they said `no, house is ground floor bricks and 1st floor blocks`. They have mortgage and when their bank was doing evaluation they didn't say anything about materials used.

House is 223 Chinn Brook and on the google street you can see bricks on the ground floor:


On the map Birmingham Council provided under this house nor any next to it isn't listed as CON_BLOCK. On the picture below it's one of 4 terraced houses in the middle of the screenshot.



So the question I got is: is this a CON_BLOCK and Bham council missed it of the list or it's not and any other standard blocks were used for the first floor?

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What a predicament you find yourself in.

Unfortunately, Birmingham City Council do not supply individual houses numbers in their data. Some councils do, but unfortunately Birmingham didn't when we applied for their records.

Can you tell me exactly what the survey revealed about the property, i.e. construction type etc?

It's important to note that even if the property does turn out to be part block and part brick, there will probably be a number of mortgage providers who would be willing to lend against the property, subject to survey.

It's important to check with each bank or mortgage provider before you apply for a mortgage. In the past, lenders such as Santander, Nationwide and Abbey have all provided non-standard mortgages.

Looking at the Google street view image, I can see what appears to be standard brick to the ground floor elevation of the housing block. It's difficult to say if this is a masonry wall or simply brick slip veneers, without visiting the property.

Does the seller still have a copy of their original survey?