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Question Couple of questions about Howard Houses for sale

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I am going to view a Howard House in Rivermead Road, Rose Hill, Oxford in a couple of days.

I went to see another Howard House in an adjacent road a few days ago which sold within a week of it being on one of the mainstream property sales portals. Whereas, the one I'm going to see in a couple of days states on the portal ad that it reduced it's price in January this year (it is on the market for £20k less than the one that's just sold). Both ads were very clear about them being "non-standard construction."

So, I've done my own research which led me to work out they're both Howard House semis, along with all the other houses in this set of roads.

What I haven't managed to establish is exactly what form the concrete takes, whether they are concrete cavity walls and if they aren't, what the internal materials are and specifically, how insulated they are.

Secondly, the first Howard House I saw had just had the exterior rendered; is there any additional risk to the integrity of the steel and/or concrete from this? And, going back to the insulatory standard of the basic walls, would it be possible to have the exterior of one of these house fully insulated and then rendered (which a lot of the 1930s semis where I have been living have had done)?

And finally, could you safely core drill through a concrete wall to fit a twin wall flue for a woodburning stove?

I hope I'm not over-stepping any fair use of the site with these multiple questions. Many thanks in advance, Tom

Community 3 oxfordjon 17 June 2024 6:31 PM

@tom-b Hi Tom.

Community 3 oxfordjon 17 June 2024 6:42 PM

@tom-b The grey Howard Houses in Rose Hill had exterior wall insulation added in c. 1990. The Howards with boards are original without exterior wall insulation, but do have interior wall insulation on the cavity. The majority of the exterior wall concrete contains asbestos fibre which is recommended safe to leave in place. The fireplace also contains asbestos cement that is recommended safe to remain in place. My parents have one of these that we hope to renovate in due course.


Community 3 oxfordjon 17 June 2024 6:44 PM

@tom-b For full details of the structure of you pursue things, you can buy a manual from BRE for about £20

Community 9 Tom-B Topic starter 27 June 2024 3:58 PM

@oxfordjon, I'm sorry I haven't come back to you sooner (elderly parent health decline). Thanks so much for this info. I'm just getting back to researching this stuff - and have bought that download from BRE that you mentioned, @oxfordjon - happy to share it if anyone wants.

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  • @tom-b the house in Nowell Road is back on the market, reduced to £280,0000
Community 9 Tom-B Topic starter 12 July 2024 4:04 PM

@oxfordjon, Hi there! Yes, so since my last post when I had been told that the sellers had accepted an offer, the estate agents came back to me a few days later to say, as I had viewed Nowell Road, I could actually make an offer, which I did, the £280 asking price. And then about a week after that the estate agents said the sellers were sticking with the first offer they accepted. That was on Monday when it was indeed showing on Rightmove as SSTC. But I can see that it seems back on the market as "offers in excess of £280". So, thanks very much for the steer @oxfordjon, I will check it out Smile


@tom-b happy to oblige. I've signed up to Rightmove alerts in the area so I get to see all the Howard Houses as they come up, which is useful to get like-for-like comparisons.

Community 3 oxfordjon 12 July 2024 5:17 PM
  1. @tom-b Just out of interest, do you prefer the Nowell Road one because it is a regular estate agent and the Rivermead one is modern method of auction? 

Community 9 Tom-B Topic starter 12 July 2024 5:24 PM

@oxfordjon I wasn’t aware the Rivermead one was by modern auction. By the time I had faffed around learning what I could about Howard Houses, I was informed that an offer had been accepted. I haven't seen anything that grabs me that is for sale by modern auction, so haven’t really looked into what this process is. Is Rivermead back on the market?


@tom-b My mistake - Rivermead is listed as SSTC. When I went past yesterday, the for sale board outside the property still said 'for sale'.

Community 9 Tom-B Topic starter 12 July 2024 8:33 PM

@oxfordjon I appreciate your eye in the area. I’ll have to set up my own alerts. Just have a lot going on with work, elderly parents and getting our family home sale over the line and moving my stuff out of there into storage right now. Thanks again for keeping posted! Best, Tom

Community 9 Tom-B Topic starter 12 July 2024 8:37 PM

@oxfordjon and I have left a message for Allen and Harris to call back re the current situation about Nowell Road, in case it’s live again.

Community 3 oxfordjon 12 July 2024 9:23 PM

@tom-b That's a lot to be dealing with! Hope something comes of the Nowell Road situation. Will let you know if I spot any similar properties 

Community 9 Tom-B Topic starter 12 July 2024 9:25 PM