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Downstairs toilet and utility room ceiling  


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We have knocked through from the utility room into the outside storage and replaced the storage door with a window. We have now levelled the floor right along but now want to board out the ceiling.


The problem though is the 5" x 2" timber running the full length of the new utility room, above this is 1" insulation which is right up against the tin roof. if we boarded from this timber it would cut across both doorways so we need to remove this timber and replace with a frame attached to the timber on both the external and internal wall. The 5x2 doesn't seem to be particularly structural as it sags a little at the join in the length and there is a gap between it and the insulation.


Is it safe to cut this out and replace with a timber or gyplyner frame to attach plasterboard to?



Irene & Si

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