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BISF External insulation

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Hi all, has anyone got any info on adding external insulation to a BISF house? We’re looking to re-render the house anyway so hope it’s a good time to add insulation. Appreciate any advice and advice on this. Thanks 

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Adding external insulation to a BISF house is a great way to improve energy efficiency. Here are some steps to consider:

1. Consult a professional: Get advice from a qualified architect or insulation specialist to assess your specific needs.

2. Choose insulation material: Select an appropriate insulation material, such as rigid foam boards or mineral wool.

3. Secure necessary permits: Check local regulations and obtain any required permits.

4. Prepare the surface: Remove existing render and ensure the wall is clean and sound.

5. Install insulation: Attach the chosen insulation material to the exterior walls.

6. Render the surface: Apply a new render to protect and finish the insulation.

7. Finish and maintain: Consider paint or cladding for additional protection. Regular maintenance is essential.

Remember that professional guidance is crucial, and the process can vary depending on your specific house and location.

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