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Front door frame

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Has anyone removed or replaced the front door frame and replaced it with a wood or bricked up to fit a pvc door?

Im about to refurb thr hallway and dont want thr metal frame as its abit battered.

Anyone any advise or pics?

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Hello Richsmif

I haven't replaced a BISF door frame myself but one of our former members 'Rusla' undertook and photographed a similar project to replace the rear timber door of their BISF house, replacing it with a UPVC unit some years ago.

The original gallery of the project was lost during a site update but I have managed to locate a back up of their fascinating project. The images at present are in no particular order and sadly contain no Exif data which would allow me place them in the correct sequence.

I'll try and sort them visually myself and upload them for you shortly.

Although the project relates to a rear kitchen door, you should find the framework and original fitting  method to be the same.


Kati 8 December 2022 5:19 PM
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@nsh-team, can we see the final result? I replaced my front door frame with a wooden one several years ago. I didn't plan to change the entire unit, so I left the door as it was. The biggest mistake of my life. Emergency locksmith south london explained why I should have changed the entire unit together. Firstly, the door and frame are designed to fit together. No cutting new holes or making adjustments. Secondly, the fit is better security for your house against thieves or unexpected guests. From an aesthetic point of view, the whole unit will look good together, increasing the curb appeal of the interior and exterior parts. 


Here's the link to the image gallery as promised. 

BISF Door & frame replacement

richsmif Topic starter 17 October 2020 10:47 PM

@bisfadmin oh wow thank you for the time and effort in putting those photos up.  Shocks me what holds the wall up.  


Least tbat gives me a insight before i rip it out.  

I blocked off the hallway so converting that into a office.  

Ill.upload all the photos.  Actually done alot to my bisf but never uploaded pics.  Will have a look through and upload some

Thanks again

Admin Admin 18 October 2020 1:36 AM

You're very welcome my friend, it did take a while to locate and organise the images but it's well worth the effort as these are invaluable to anyone considering a similar project. 

I agree entirely with blocking off part of the hallway. It is possible to create a very useful space here whilst at the same time allowing for additional workspace and a more streamlined apprarance to the kitchen if desired. 

I look forward to hearing how your projects develop and thank you for bringing up this project, as otherwise the photographic record could well have been lost. ?