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Hawksley Bungalow Corners  



Hey everyone,

Hoe your all well at the present time. I have a bit of free time so im working hard on my bungalow and getting ready for the new extension.


My question is does anyone have photos of the corner post on the hawksley bungalows? I haven't removed the cladding yet but would like to know how these corners were built years ago.


Also i know the bungalows were meant to be built upon a concrete slab with engineering bricks however mine is only on the pad. I will be bricking my bungalow up but they want footings 900 deep which seems quite alot for single storey brick skin. Any previous experience with the footings please

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share with me. I will be taking to building control about it tomorrow to see what they say.

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Yeah, Bungalows were meant to be built upon a concrete slab with engineering bricks. I saw that on grandmas bungalow. If I could visit grandma again, I will ask her about the history of her bungalow. As much as I would like to visit her, but it cannot be for now since COVID is still around.


Thanks for your reply. Looks like my bungalow was never built with the engineering bricks. Not sure why that is.

As regards the corners I've managed to take off the corner panel which revealed to end frames joined together.

Footings have now been dug ready for the concrete to be poured.

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The end frames are joined together? I can't imagine that. Are they doing that on purpose? Well anyway, it's nice to know you have done the initial steps though.


When I take corner off again I'll get a pic but front and side ali frames are bolted together so no stansions in the corner. 


Oh I see. So how was it now? Have you cemented the footings already?



I've had a good look through my database of hundreds of different construction types, but sadly I could not locate any images or drawings relating to the BL8 frame.

It may be worth contacting our good friend Jane at the prefab museum. You can email her directly at

Jane has always been incredibly helpful and I'm sure that if she holds the information, she would share it with you if she can.

It's great to see your project getting underway and superb to see your excellent quality image uploads too. You've probably already seen my post on the BL8 bungalow HERE

I have also uncovered a slightly different construction reference that varies slightly from the description in the post link above. 

I have posted the content below which includes mention of an alternative foundation structure.

Hawksley BL8 Bungalows


Hawklsey BL8 aluminium bungalows were designed by a body called the Aircraft Industry

Research On Housing. Those at Duxford and Sawston were erected in 1951.


Typically, the foundations comprise a concrete raft, thickened at the edges. Occasionally

though, concrete strip footings supporting a 9" brickwork wall form the substructure.

External Walls

External walls comprise pre-fabricated wall panels, 12'0" long x 8'0" wide, which were brought to site and bolted together.

The panels consist of corrugated aluminium outer sheeting, with building paper on the rear.

The sheets are fixed to a timber framing comprising 1%'' x 2%'' timber studs and noggins.

There is approximately 2" thick mineral wool insulation between the studs, and the panels are lined internally with plasterboard.

Around the perimeter of the panels, aluminium channel sections are located. Channels of adjacent wall panels are bolted together by 3 aluminium U-shaped brackets.

5.3.4 Floor

The floor is of solid concrete construction.

5.3.5 Roof

The roof consists of timber trusses, onto which span timber purlins supporting an aluminium

profiled roof sheeting. Purlins are connected to the trusses by means of aluminium U brackets,

nailed to the trusses and screwed through the purlins.

A fibreboard lining, approximately 1/8" thick, lines the underside of the roof sheeting.

Timber joists span between the trusses, and act as fixing points for the ceiling finish.

5.3.6 Other

The party wall consists of similar wall panels used for the external walls, and is lined with


Typically, partitions are also a panel construction and comprise timber studding with an

aluminium channel section around the perimeter. Occasionally, timber stud or paramount

board partitions may be used. Both partition walls and ceilings are lined with plasterboard.

The chimney is of masonry construction.


Thanks for that information, i have knocked down most of the internal walls and have re-built to 130mm standard now, fully acoustic insulated.

Footings were dug out for the brick skin and extension, 15 cube of concrete went in yesterday and is drying out nicely.

Next week will be removing the aluminium cladding externally and replacing with 11mm osb with a breathable membrane over that ready for the brick skin. I will get photos of corners during this process and add to here.

What i would like to know is when these bungalows were bricked up what lintels were used above the windows and how were they fixed.


Hey all, so have removed the cladding off the end wall and gable and replacedwith osb and breathable membrane, attached are some pics of the corners and behind the cladding which was held together with lots of rivets.

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2020 05 01 11.31.32
2020 05 01 10.10.34
2020 05 01 10.10.31


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