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Hi all - I'm in the process of trying to organise building and contents insurance for a BISF house that myself and my partner are purchasing. The quotes from the non-standard construction specialist insurers are in the region of £600 - £800 which seems a lot. I have had a couple of quotes from More Than and Santander that are much more reasonable, around £300. 

For both of those quotes there is a question that asks, 'what are the external walls mainly made of?'. The answer I selected from the dropdown options was 'metal', however, technically the frame is metal and the walls are brick. My question is, does anyone know if my house will definitely be covered by this answer?

I have called both More Than and Santander. More Than said that the walls are brick so I should put brick, and when asked if the steel frame doesn't matter to them their answer was 'we only ask about the external wall'. This seems very tactically vague to me but maybe I'm being overly cautious?

Santander advised that metal was most likely the right answer but couldn't guarantee it would cover the house and told me the best way would be to buy the policy, ask customer service and then cancel if its not covered and be refunded. 

Has anyone been through anything similar and able to help?