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Information Information on Lecaplan systems


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Hi all,

I am considering a Lecaplan house, I haven't got confirmation yet but I believe it's a type B. I can't find any information on it at all, and I am a bit scared it will present issues in the future. I guess my questions are:

1) Where can I find more information on this type of build?

2) I think this type of build is on the defective list. Does that mean that if it has been repaired, it's not considered defective anymore?

3) I want to do quite a bit of renovating, would the fact that it's a lecaplan, or even just that it's prc impact the work?

4) Anybody has any experience on getting home insurance for this type of build?

5) Would I make a mistake in buying this house? Halifax would lend on it, which is reassuring, but I guess I am a bit scared and would like to know what people think.

6) On the same note as above, if anybody knows a surveyor who specialises on these builds I could have a chat with, I would greatly appreciate the opinion of an expert.

Many thanks to whoever can answer 

@dora I see that you haven't received a reply to your question yet. Are you still in search of answers to your questions?

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