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Identification Salford Council Non Standard Concrete Build

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We have come across this excellent site as part of our ongoing efforts with a house purchase in Salford. We noticed that this site had a housing list for Salford, with the house we are buying not listed, but others on the street were. The record states that the properties on that street, Bradden Close, are 'Load Bearing Brick'

Sorry if this is a bit of a lay person question, but are houses in this category classed as non-standard? We ask as Our homebuyer report noted that the house appears to be traditional masonry construct, but with an inner leaf of in situ concrete pour which is evident at the gable ends. There has been a condition placed on the mortgage suggesting the house may be non-standard construction and that the construction methodology must be checked with the housing authority in-case the housing is defective under the Housing Act - unfortunately Salford Council hold no records on the property.

I was wondering if anyone could give us a steer based on the classification for these houses on the forum? From looking at the Mowlem housing type, this house looks very similar to the one we are looking to purchase. Appreciate there is not a lot info to go off and that we need a structural engineer to satisfy the condition, but just wanted to get an opinion from people in the know.

Thanks a lot in advance!

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