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BISF Structural info request

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I’ve just bought a BISF house and would like to know if you can remove the chimney altogether and if there is any structural steel in it? 
Also is there a structural steel frame between each of the rooms? 
And has anyone removed the internal soil pipe and moved it outside? Was it easy or costly? 
Has anyone any experience of horizontal cracks in the render, what causes it and does it have to be replaced completely? 
Thanks in Advance 

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Hello SueR. welcome to our forums and congratulations on your purchase.

If you scroll further down the main pain of our forum, you should see a section of this website dedicated to BISF steel framed houses. You should find answers to all your question there and more.
You'll also be able to find some blog posts about various aspects of BISF improvement too. Just type your query in the search bar at the top of the page, as that gives access to blog posts, whilst the small search bar located in the right side bar, (on a pc) will search all forum posts.

bisf house forum

Any problems, let us know below.

Here's a link to a Fireplace and flue removal guide.

Here's a BISF House Open plan living post

Here's a DIY patio door installation post, which includes a section on cracked render. ( but there are several other posts on this topic in the forum)

Hope this helps.

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Community 3 SueR Topic starter 7 June 2024 12:52 AM

@nsh-team many thanks for the links, they are really helpful