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Question Thornwall. Remedial work?

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Hi, I'm looking to maybe buying a nonstandard construction house. 

According to the survey report it is of Thornwall construction. I think it's timber frame with cement panel cladding which has since been rough casted. 

Does anyone know if there is remedial work which can be done to make it mortgageable?

I look forward to the replies.



Admin Admin 11 November 2022 2:50 PM

@rstheshotts You may struggle to get a company proficient in Thornwall remedial works, simply due to the very low volume of just 260 Thornwall properties in the UK.

They were built in the 1960's by Thornwall Construction Ltd and are sometimes referred to as Thornwall 3M or Thornwood.

They were built as bungalows and 2-storey terraced houses with a medium pitch gable roof covered with interlocking concrete tiles, or sometimes a flat roof, covered with bituminous felt.

The external walls are constructed of storey height exposed aggregate PRC (Precast Reinforced Concrete) panels.
Some houses have a gable apex of timber boarding.
These properties have not been investigated by the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

This property is not classified as defective but you may find it difficult to secure a mortgage. I would always recommend carrying out a full structural survey on this type of property because PRC concrete can suffer from a number of serious issues. some of which may be hidden.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for your reply. This is a good help.

I know these properties have been mortgaged previously. 

I'm fortunate I wouldn't need a mortgage, we were just thinking of our benefactors.


Admin Admin 13 November 2022 10:30 PM

@rstheshotts You're very welcome Ron and thank you for providing feedback, It's always good to know if we've been of help.

Best wishes moving forward.