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Buying & Selling Help tracking down a PRC certificate for a Wates build home I would love to buy in Reading UK.

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Hi everyone.

I've come across this house in Reading that I love and meets all my requirements, accept it doesn't seem to have a PRC:

The agent told me it is Wates built, and my research (mostly through the various files and database here) seems to back that up.

I'm visually impaired, but I believe it uses the Wates pre-cast panels, which you should be able to see on Google earth if not on the above listing.

Some of the other houses on the street seem to have been re-bricked.

The current owner brought for cache in 2009 from Reading counsel, and I believe it was in the family for a long time before that.

The agent and the owner don't seem to know anything about a PRC certificate, or the fact that pre-cast concrete Wates homes are classed as defective under the 1985 housing act.

So far I've contacted the counsel but have heard nothing.

I have also suggested the owner contact them, along with the conveyancer they used back in 2009, in case they have any records or insight.

I've also asked my agent, who does seem to know about selling concrete houses, if they have any contacts or strings they can pull to help locate the certificate.

If necessary I will submit a FOI request, but I'm not sure if it would cover this sort of thing, and it will take a while.

Are there any other stones I should turn over looking for this paperwork?


Posted : 29 February 2024 6:51 PM