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Buying & Selling Seller won't allow a survey of a steel framed house

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Helpful forum, 

I am looking for some (urgent) advice. We have put an offer on a semi-detached steel frame house (location Fife, Scotland) and came up second. The highest (and cash) offer has now pulled out for reasons unknown to us, so we were contacted by the Estate Agents re our offer as we were second highest. We advised that we want to proceed with our offer subject to structural survey, which, however, the sellers are refusing. 

Answer needed next Monday and we are in a tricky situation, faced with a house we really like, but we are hesitant to purchase unless we know that it is structurally sound. Seller not permitting survey sends out mixed messages in that regard. 

Street view images from 15 years ago show repairs to render, on the gable corner, and within the lower section of the walls too, image attached. The house has since been repainted externally so the repair work is no longer visible, except above the window at the gable end. 

Home report doesn't identify any structural issues or external faults.

Advice on the above would be very much appreciated. Would it be wise to go ahead with the purchase given historical cracks in render and possible water ingress, and sellers' refusal of a survey? 

Many thanks for all insights. 

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Posted : 10 February 2024 8:07 AM