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Reema Hollow Panel House Image Gallery

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Reema Hollow Panel House Image Gallery

The Reema Hollow Panel type was Designated Defective under the Housing Defects Act 1984, and the Housing Act 1985, the other two versions the Conclad & the Contrad were later designs that were not designated defective.

Details of the standard form of construction can be found in the BRE Digests “The Structural Condition of Reema Hollow Panel Houses” and “Reema Large Panel System Dwelling: Construction Details” both published in 1984. The form of construction is illustrated in Appendix D8.

Approximately 17,000 Reema houses had been constructed in England and 1,600 in Wales by 1965. There are three variants on the construction – Hollow Panel, Conclad and Contrad.

Reema Technical Drawings

Posted : 18 March 2019 1:30 PM