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BISF (British Iron & Steel Federation) House Fireplace Gallery

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A selection of original & owner modified BISF house fireplaces.

Early prototype BISF houses were fitted with fireplaces that were of a simple and minimalistic design. This type of open coal fire was usually fitted with a simple water filled backboiler which was located behind the firebox of the open fire.

Today, BISF homeowners across the country have chosen to adapt and modify the original fireplaces nd some of this cretive work can be seen below.

Ironically, we now see a trend of reverting back to having traditionl fires in the home. This is particularly evident with the advent of the modern wood burning fire.

What do you think of the upgrades? Let us know in the comments below.

Posted : 8 August 2017 9:00 PM
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Thought I'd show how we did our fireplace as it looks a different approach to others I've seen in this gallery. We started off removing the blockwork from above the fire.


You can see you are limited how far you can go before making alternate arrangements as there are 2 steel joists upon which the cast iron flue sits.

flue support steel joists

So we went to just above this point, leaving the cast iron flue exposed. There is also a frame around the flue for attaching plasterboard to, if you prefer to keep the flue hidden. 

Flue and steel frame around it

We liked the look of the oxidised flue and thought it gave the place a bit of character, so we left it exposed. You could also paint or sand it back I guess. So we just removed the steel framing around it to give a cleaner look. It goes right through to the roof but is also bolted at the first floor so the part on the ground floor was just hanging down really.

steel framing removed

At the ceiling there was a steel portal that was used to support the flue and the rest of the steel framework. I'm sure a more elegant solution could be found to move this into the ceiling further, but we just worked with it. Boxed it in at the top and plastered. But in the finished fireplace I think it doesn't look out of place anyway. We topped it with some slate.




Posted : 20 May 2022 10:53 AM