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External Changes - Extensions, Solar Panels, Under-Floor Heating?

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Has anyone experience of making external changes to their BISF house?
We're at the pre-planning stage and are considering (small) extensions, (lots of) solar panels, and under-floor heating, I assume in the new build only.

Clearly we could benefit from other BISF members' experiences.
If others are similarly placed, we could help one another as architects plans and purchased items will probably suit a number of properties.


Posted : 20 July 2017 10:44 AM
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Hello Simon
It looks like you may be our first trailblazer in this area. I am aware that many owners have installed solar panels and underfloor heating and obviously extensions, however to date we have not had anyone share this with us.
I would hope that if anyone does indeed have experience in this area that they will share it with you for the benefit of the whole community.
Keep us informed of your progress Simon and if you can don't forget to take plenty of photographs as they are always very interesting to see.

Posted : 20 July 2017 10:44 AM
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I considered putting in underfloor heating in mine, decided against it due to the additional height on the floor (especially as mine already had a layer of asphalt acting as a dpc it would appear which was quite thick by itself), but UFH is UFH so what questions do you have in this area is this isn't really unique to BISF properties in any way?

Extensions I've considered, but having completely gutted and renovated my BISF property myself, would shudder to imagine the work involved properly extending these. With that said, its just steel beams, so if you find someone competent in steel structures (which consider the majority of commercial properties are shouldn't be hard) I see no reason why these couldnt be cut out and correctly re-establish using RSJs etc but I would certainly recommend making plenty of enquiries on a firm before appointing just anyone on this task. What specifically were you thinking of doing (ie why "lots of small" rather than a full rear or side single/double extension?

Posted : 20 July 2017 10:44 AM
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Don't know if its too late to add anything helpful here!
We had solar panels installed last year, September i think, and we have had no problems we have 12 big solar panels on our south facing pitch. I was quite surprised how quickly they fitted them to be honest, however some of the roofs on BISF houses on our street were replaced when they were still council owned, its got a metal roof now (has like tile patterns on it) so that might of had something to do with it.

We get a pretty good return on them, and during the summer any usage during the day is pretty much covered (so using TV and gaming console, washing machine on and the cooker, no gas cooker in our house). Winter is not as good as you can imagine, if your on a feed in tariff with your energy supplier the money you get back during summer can help with the bills in winter if your want to get thrifty.
The only thing you need to check is the age of the wiring, the fitters usually wont tie the solar system into an old fuse box.

Extension wise, the pervious owner of our home (a man with appalling DIY skills) had one done that seems to be normal construction methods just attached to the house, its still standing at the moment so, so far so good!

I am quite interested to how you get on with the underfloor heating.

Posted : 26 October 2017 1:24 PM
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Hi Simon,
I am also considering an underfloor heating in my BISF house. Can you share your experience - if you installed it and if not was there a problem connected to the construction of the house or floor?
Looking forward to reading about your experience.

Posted : 6 January 2024 12:45 AM