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Identification 1960s scandi style house with timber framed partial first floor query

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hi guys, just joined, we are looking at this house, and have been told that the ground floor is standard brick/block cavity construction but the first floor is partially timber frame, am i right in thinking its the 3 sections with tile cladding on, if so my main question is although some lenders will lend on these types of property, if i was to buy it, could i replace the timber frame sections with block and cavity construction and therefore return it to standard mortgageable construction.


thanks guys

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Interesting property.

May I ask, is this the only property of this design in the street or is it replicated in houses nearby?

I ask, just in case this is a converted bungalow.

If it is a converted bungalow, then I would expect the timber to framework to be as you suggest. I've mocked up a very crude image below as a visualisation.

In effect, I believe this would be classed a dormer bungalow, although of are more unique design than many I have seen before.

I wouldn't have expected you to experience issues with mortgage-ability as approximately 60% of the property appears to be traditional brick, but each lender does has it's own mortgage criteria that may stipulate otherwise.

I suspect the upper extension was constructed in lightweight timber to avoid the need for deeper footings which might have been required to accommodate the greater weight of building in brick. Much will depend on current building regulations and I suspect, the depth, width and type of the existing footings.

Unfortunately my knowledge is limited to existing non-traditional constructions which does not include current building regulations in relation to extensions etc.

I wish I could assist you more but at least you have my thoughts on what might need to be considered.

If you do decide to partially reconstruct in brick, please let us know how you get on.




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hi marc, thanks for your reply, the house was built as is, there are about 15 of them in total, now I've had a drive round on street view and ive found these, they all look like they've been converted back to block and render, so maybe not a footings requirement after all. what say you.

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and here is one with an extension.

Screenshot 2021 04 04 at 09.55.50