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Identification [Solved] 60s London Terrace House?


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Hello NSH,

I recently came across this brilliant website and all the great work documenting NSH properties across the UK. I'm in the process of purchasing one of the mid-terrace properties on Bampton Road, South East London and was looking for any insights/clues into its construction/system (example photos of the terrace row are attached).

It looks like a brick cross-wall build (not uncommon around here), but unsure if this was part of any established building system - the publicly accessible EPC survey data from the adjacent properties across the whole row seem to be a mixed picture (50s, 60s, 70s / cavity, system, timbre, brick etc.). The mortgage application is in the works but after looking through many of the examples on this website, a combination of curiosity and preparedness leads me to ask the question on the provenance of these specific cosy mid-century terrace homes. 



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Looks like it could be a frameform or similar type of system.  A decent RICS surveyor will be able to confirm.

Properties such as these are generally OK, the main risk is to the sole plate especially where intrusions have been made through the wall cassette (e.g. cable TV etc.)