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Identification Anyone know what type of Construction is this?

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Screenshot 2022 11 03 145024

 Located in Basildon SS14 1RS

has approx 150mm thick walls and flat felted roof, appears to have concrete frame, Ex LA. 

Spoke to the council they were no help!!


Thanks in advance for any help

Admin Admin 11 November 2022 2:30 PM

@andrew179 There's a good chance it might be a Siporex construction, but I won't know for certain until I get a reply back from Basildon Council.

I've spent a few days periodically digging into this for you, but information on this construction type is very scarce due to the low number built. I also appear to be having issues my end uploading images, which has caused the failure of 3 previous quite lengthy attempts at a reply for you, so in this instance, I'm just adding text only.

See more below.

Admin Admin 11 November 2022 2:33 PM
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@andrew179  I'm adding the below information purely because it's appears to be the most likely candidate at this moment in time, but we will need to await confirmation from Basildon Council, which could take a few weeks to materialise. 

Siporex 6M

Built as bungalows and 2 & 3-storey height terraced houses. Having a shallow pitched gable or mono-pitch roof or flat roof covered with bituminous felt or asphalt.

External walls are constructed from storey height lightweight Siporex (aerated) PRC (Precas Reinforced Concrete) panels, whilst some have a partially sprayed finish.
Some dwellings have part of the front and rear external facing walls infilled with timber boarding, aluminium sheets or tile hanging and Precast Concrete cover strips at floor level.

These properties can experience excessive deflections (curvature) of the PRC floor and roof planks.

siporex 6m