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Identification Been told this house is standard construction - steel beams present in loft, is this BISF?

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Hi there,

Thank you all for your help on this. We have had an offer accepted on a house after being told it's of standard construction. From the outside, it looks like standard construction, however there are a few houses earlier on the road that are clearly BISF. We got the torch out and had a look in the loft today and noticed some steel beams (see attached pictures). Do you know if this is characteristic of a BISF house?

We were planning on doing a level 3 survey anyway, but now feel that if this is enough evidence that the house is steel framed, then we would rather save the £700.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

David B David B 3 May 2024 1:37 PM

@kagakumatto Just to add, a BISF house is just one type of steel framed house with a very distinctive appearance (see below).

There are many other different types of steel framed houses, each with their own identifying name such as Trusteel, Atholl, Cruden etc. The BISF house is just another steel framed type of build.

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It's definitely not a BISF (British Iron & Steel Federation) house construction.
Saying that, this is not an easy build to identify, and to me, it looks as though those horizontal steal I beams may have been added later, due to the crazy brickwork infill visible in the blockwork gable wall.

Can you provide a general postcode so that I can see if there are any council records available?